Gastroschisis News and Member Contributions

This website is solely dedicated to raising awareness to the gastroschisis condition for parents to be and also as a resource for parents that have experienced this condition either through a relative or through direct experiences with babies of their own.

We do also have stories contributed by members who have grown up with Gastroschisis.

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As a dad of a Gastroschisis baby in 2001, I did not have the knowledge or understanding then to comprehend fully what Gastroschisis was.  The reason behind setting up this website began as a place to firstly tell my story, which developed into a place for all parents to give their own personal accounts, through this development it has become a resource for parents to be to get a better idea of what they may come to face leading up to during and after the birth of their son or daughter.

Members Stories

Throughout this website you will read our registered members stories, at times they can be hard reading, our members have contributed their stories voluntarily.

Gastroschisis Professionals

If you have a direct working relationship with babies and/or parents that are experiencing this condition and would like to contribute to the website by way of questions and answers sessions let me know and i will provide online facilities to accommodate.  I know that we get a fair amount of doctors and nurses on here.

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