Chronic Constipation

I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter born at UCLH and operated on at GOSH. She had a silo and then closure at 3 days. All went well. She is growing beautifully and proud of her ‘zipper’ (instead of a button… A term she made up herself, although probably used a lot. Very cute […]

gastroschisis in england?

Hi! I’m a 19 year old girl from England and was born a gastroschisis baby. I was left with a couple of scars and a fake made bellybutton. Although I am so thankful for my life, it is something I am extremely self conscious about as I feel it is much bigger than a normal belly […]

Going strong at 47

Hi my name is Lisa and I am 47 years old and was born with gastrochisis. I was born at the Humber Memorial Hospital in Toronto, Ontario where my mother was in Labour for 3 days.  There were no ultrasounds at the time and my mother was measuring very large they thought she may be […]