Just found out

I was told 2 days ago at our 12 week scan that our baby has been diagnosed with gastroschisis. I go through waves of crying and then feeling real positive (Jamie Carragher was born with gastroschisis and has played football for England). The stories on this website are helping and I’m trying to concentrate on the high percentage of successful cases. We have an appointment at UCL hospital in London on Wednesday when hopefully we will know more and have another scan. I am trying not to think how unfair this seems and i do not fit any of the typical cases, I’m 31 years old so not a young mum and I have never taken drugs. I guess knowing why it has happened wouldn’t change anything anyway.

Can anyone help? re:Abdominal pain/Scar Pain


My name is chell and i was born with Gastroschisis in 1981.  Ever since i was a teenager i have had chronic pain in my scar and also abdominal pains.  When i was 14 the surgeons tidied up my old scar thinking that it was the cause of the pain…… however as the years have gone on i have had more and more pain in my scar and also in my abdonin. At the moment they are putting it down to IBS (but i’m not convinced). My scar is about 10″ long verticaly (all down my torso).

I was wondering, has anyone else had these problems????

Thankyou all for listening :)

chell :) xx

Surgery on the NHS Following Gastroschisis

I have noticed quite a few visitors searching for the answer to this question and I know quite a few of you that are looking to corrective surgery for your scars. the NHS website has more detailed information with regards to plastic surgery on the NHS (this has more relevance than cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery is carried out to repair and reconstruct damaged skin and tissue, for example as a result of:

  • a condition that’s present from birth (congenital)
  • a condition that develops later in life
  • an injury

Source: http://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/890.aspx?CategoryID=68&SubCategoryID=154

I will try and keep a closer eye on the searches and incoming terms looking for more specific answers with regards to Gastroschisis & build up a more concise FAQ section which will be later added to the site. In the meantime let me know in the comments section below about anything you would like any further information on and I will either answer it here or at the very least point you in the right direction. I am a parent just like yourself of a Gastroschisis baby and even after 9 years I am still learning.

havent stopped crying since i found out

hi every1 i never thought id be able 2 write on here as i havent stopped crying since i found out last week at my 12 week scan,i think ive read all the storys on here at least twice!! my baby is due in december and i have 3 other children 2 think about leaving over xmas time!!ive been thru every emotion possible and im so scared,i went to kings hospital 3 days ago and they told me that its only a small opening with a little bit of bowel and that my baby would only be in hospital for about 2 weeks after delevery,and that i can have a natural birth and not a c section that my midwife told me i would have to have! after reading every1 elses storys on here i seem to get a bit of peace noing that it isnt that bad, i think my main worry is that something else is wrong with my baby and im not sure how im going to cope!! ive always been such a strong person but this has hit me hard that i cant even get dressed some days..

confused by all the (professionals)

hi there my name is dawn tyrer and i am currently 32 weeks pregnant and expecting my first child. at my 12th week scan me and my partner  was informed that our  baby had gastroschisis and ever since then i have been researching every little thing about it. i recently had an appoinment with the team of surgeons who are going to be operating on my lil boy and they talked me through the whole process however what im confused about is the fact that i have gone through my whople pregnancy being told that the only way for me to give birth is by c-section so ive hyped myself up only to be told that now im expected to deliver naturally im a little lost now and dont know what to think i just want someone to give me a straight answer i have only got 5 weeks left now until they induce me and as the date nears im starting to get scared as although i have researched lots into this condition and seen live videos and images i still dont quite know what to expect.