Just found out

I was told 2 days ago at our 12 week scan that our baby has been diagnosed with gastroschisis. I go through waves of crying and then feeling real positive (Jamie Carragher was born with gastroschisis and has played football for England). The stories on this website are helping and I’m trying to concentrate on […]

havent stopped crying since i found out

hi every1 i never thought id be able 2 write on here as i havent stopped crying since i found out last week at my 12 week scan,i think ive read all the storys on here at least twice!! my baby is due in december and i have 3 other children 2 think about leaving […]

confused by all the (professionals)

hi there my name is dawn tyrer and i am currently 32 weeks pregnant and expecting my first child. at my 12th week scan me and my partner  was informed that our  baby had gastroschisis and ever since then i have been researching every little thing about it. i recently had an appoinment with the team […]