I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota Jan. of 1991. From what I hear babies born now have twice the technology to make the stomach look much better than mine. Not only was I born with it but at 18 years old I woke up throwing up and could not walk. I was hospitalized just to be told I was fine then sent to a gastro doc who realized there was absolutely no movement in my stomach. They admitted me taking it 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong. I was immediately sent to Atlanta for more tests. This is where I recieved the worst news ever. I has adhesions and they would have to do surgery to remove the scar tissue.They quickly had me in surgery once again at 18 just to add to the huge scar there before. When i was born they had carved a belly button in my scar to make it look semi normal, but this surgery they completely took my belly button out and all there is is a bumpy line reminding me of what a miracle i am. not only one time but twice. I have thought about plastic surgery just because my scar looks so bad but I dont know if I should.