Born with gastroschisis following long term effect at 18.

I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota Jan. of 1991. From what I hear babies born now have twice the technology to make the stomach look much better than mine. Not only was I born with it but at 18 years old I woke up throwing up and could not walk. I was hospitalized just to be told I was fine then sent to a gastro doc who realized there was absolutely no movement in my stomach. They admitted me taking it 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong. I was immediately sent to Atlanta for more tests. This is where I recieved the worst news ever. I has adhesions and they would have to do surgery to remove the scar tissue.They quickly had me in surgery once again at 18 just to add to the huge scar there before. When i was born they had carved a belly button in my scar to make it look semi normal, but this surgery they completely took my belly button out and all there is is a bumpy line reminding me of what a miracle i am. not only one time but twice. I have thought about plastic surgery just because my scar looks so bad but I dont know if I should.

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  1. hey my boyfriend had the same thing happen to him his surgery was at the end of march. and it is now nov. and he is still having problems and going in and out if the hospital with lots of pain and they can’t figure out what is is how are you doing since you’res

    hope to hear from you

  2. My oldest child was born with gastroschisis, he is now eleven. He has an extreme amount of gas and gets occasional stomach cramps for no reason. Did you have any side effects prior to this?

    1. My son is 15 and he has issues everytime after he eats, he doesn’t vomit or have to go to the bathroom but he just says his stomach hurts in the area below his scar when he had surgery back in 1996.  It’s been occuring too frequently now so we are making doctors appointments.  My son is very cautious to what he eats and it seems to be a bowl of rice krispies with bananas makes him sick..  Ugh!!!  I was really hoping that this wasn’t going to haunt us later.. but from everything I have read and researched so far it appears it is.  Tammy Mount Joy PA  

  3. when i was about 11 i had the same problems. i was in and out of the hospitals and gastro doctors bc of stomach pain. it has to do with the part of the intestines they have to remove. the older i got the more normal my stomach became, but the scar tissue ended up being overwhelming due to it not ceasing to produce. they say it is possible for me to have this problem every 18 years although it is very rare. i wish you guys the best of luck! -manda i am sorry to hear about your boyfriend i hope he gets well. since my surgery i have been fine with no problems, but since my surgery my stomach has been very weak with certain smells, foods, where i vomit more than i used to. the docs said recovery time for this would be a couple of years but i seem to be fine! again i wish u the best of luck and hope he recovers fine. 

  4. i was born with the same thing..i totally feel you…im 17 and when i was small i had the worst stomach pains in my life. I had to get surgery to get rid of the adhesions and now i am fine. I have a pretty noticable scar also. Whenever i got the surgery they fixed my bellybutton so it looked normal and I love it! I wear bikinis in the summer now and i got it pierced :) (btw if you want to get that done it hurts worse because of the scar tissue =/) any way i say that you do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I still have my scar but i have a cute bellybutton also. I used to be very self consious about it when i was a pre-teen and now i am content. I say that in the end all that matters is how you feel about yourself :) Good luck! i say go for it!

  5. Hi my name is kassandra and I have a 3 year old son that was born with this rare condition as well..I’m a young momi was 16 wen I delt with this 20 now and I have no answers sometimes an I see you guys are a little older if u can please tell me what you been through and is vomiting normal and what are the symptoms I should worry for my baby is my eveerything and I worry every nite and hear for his bowl movements.. :'(

  6. I was born with this in 1973 and I was mostly fine until I was 18 also. Then the adhesions (scar tissue blockages) got bad! I switched to a low residue diet after several years of pain and vommitting. I now know what the discomfort feels like before a blockage happens, so I switch to a liquid diet for a few days and let it work it self through so I don’t end up in the hospital.
    I am now 39 and lead a fairly normal life, aside from the slightly restrictive diet and tic tac toe board of scars on my abdomen.

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