does any one know the chances of having second child with gastroschisis ?
my son is now 14 years old and was born in 1996, after a difficult start to life noone would ever know now lol x he amazes me everyday of his life x
i am now 12 weeks pregnant … and slightly worried is an under statement ! i have been told that there is of course an increased risk ! but does anyone know of anyone that has had two children with the condition ?
or somewere i could look up this information ?

thank you xx angelina xx

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  1. I don’t know any statistics or numbers of odds as to chances of your second baby having the same birth defect. I can only tell you my story and hope it is helpful.
    My firstborn was born with gastroschisis in 2004. She is now, 6 yrs. old and an amazing, thriving child. I have a son, born in 2007 healthy and equally amazing. No birth defects. I had a daughter, born in 2010 healthy and again just as amazing as the first two. With no birth defects.
    So, again, I don’t know the exact odds of having a repeat birth defect. I do know they told me the chances of it recurring in subsequent children is higher for me than for others without having had a baby with gastroschisis, but I have had two more children and neither of the two have had it. Best of luck. Stop worrying. You are very blessed. Enjoy your pregnancy.

    1. Sorry to say my sister is 24 weeks pregnant with her second baby who has gastroschisis and her first baby also had this. The doctors told her it would not happen again….needless to say they were wrong. Her first chid is good great. She is five years old and you would never be able to tell she was born with gastroschisis. We are of course hoping all goes well with this baby. Hope thing gogo well with all of you

  2. The chances of having a second baby with gastrochsis are very very slim. My son was diagnosised with it when i was 36 weeks pregnant but at 37 weeks he decided he didnt want to go through with the operations etc and sadly he died in my tummy 4 days before i was going to be induced. As you can imagine our hearts broke at the loss of our beautiful boy, we’re still griving every single day for him. His condition wasnt bad but the decision was out of our hands. On a positive note i am pregnant with our second baby and the doctors have ruled out that this baby has it, apparently its a freak thing and they have never heard of it happening twice in the one family. From 14 weeks onwards they will be able to see on scan if your little baby has it so you will be reasurred then. Take care, try not to worry too much xxx

  3. I had a baby girl back in september who had gastroschisis and I put my story on here (baby girl born with gastroschisis) and I was told that there is only a 3 to 5 percent chance that your second child will have it. hope that helps :)

  4. Hi
    I had a son in 2001 with gastroschisis and then I had a daughter in 2003 who was completely healthy, bliss, but then my daughter was born in 2006 with gastroschisis! I was completely mortified, it was hard work and an emotional time but we got through it and they are all healthy children now!

  5. My son was born November 2012 with gastroschisis. He was in the NICU for 11 weeks before he sadly passed away. The cause of his death was not the gastroschisis however,but the numerous infections and flu he picked up in the NICU. He was still perfect to my husband and myself in every way. I am pregnant again and today I am going for my 12 week scan, needless to say I am super nervous as this is the time we found out with our first baby. I am so scared that this one will have gastroschisis as well. I can’t survive losing another baby. I have been told that the chances of having another baby with gastroschisis is exremely rare. Hold thumbs for me. Wishing everyone a healthy and beautiful pregnancy.

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