All I can say is wow! I never knew so many people suffered from this I was born in September 1966 full term 2 lbs 8 ozs. what they called it at the time a severe gastric hernia. I spent 2 months in in prenatal intensive care had my heart stopped 3 times and still made it.

Well I’m 41 have 2 beautiful kids now 20 and 11 and my case I didn’t have any covering (skin) over my umbilical area so I never had the normal belly button just a crater and yes it was hard to deal with as a child but I had a great supportive grandmother.

Any way when I had my son in 1997 I found out that my small intestines were sewn to my abdominal wall which I was never to have leiposcopic surgery . which was fine because it would perforate my intestines and I would die. O k I could remember that. And told my care giver in the future.

Well, about a month ago I had severe pain in my right lower side thinking I’m having an appendicitis. well surprise it wasn’t . I had 3 small bowl obstructions due to scare tissue . And well also found out that my appendix wasn’t even in the right spot. matter of fact my whole small and large intestines were not text book laid out. that explains a lot of bad gas pains as a child.

Well back then you didn’t have specialist for every thing my mother told me and they didn’t use mesh and such like they do now. and when I was developing in the womb my intestines grew out not up like normal.

So it’s a 100% mortality rate for obstructed bowl after 36 hours I’m starting to feel like a cat with 9 live here. but now every thing is fine and more battle scars to add to my collection. but it could happen again any time. I was told.

By the way, there were 3 cases that was reported at the same time that year, I was the worst case. The environmental people did investigate and asked my mom a whole bunch of questions, all of course were not the cause. so. to those mom’s out there yes your children will be fine just delicate little fighters. and will live a normal life.