toolbar powered by Condui

Parents of Gastroschisis are steadily growing as a community on the internet today and recognising like minded families that have experienced the condition i have developed a toolbar that brings us all even closer together.

The toolbar itself brings together all of the websites that you maintain, every time you update your website the toolbar updates itself. How does it do this? It updates itself by reading the RSS feed within your blog. The beauty of the toolbar is that you will never have to visit this website or any other to find out if we have news because the toolbar will let you know no matter where you are on the web!

I have named it your gastroschisis toolbar simply because we will build the features we want to see together, already installed it has a Search Box, Your Blogs, Chat Room, Message box and an Email Notifier.

If you would like to see other features added let me know via the Message box within the toolbar and before you know it it will be there!

One further thing, every time the toolbar is downloaded and installed i will personally donate £0.25p to the Tiny Lives Foundation, they provide specialist baby care equipment and fund research at the Newcastle RVI where my daughter Tanisha was born and without that equipment my daughter would never have pulled through her Gastroschisis.

You do not have to register at this site to get the toolbar, although it would help when it comes to adding your blog if you have one to the Your Blogs section, it is free to download and install, without advertising, small file size and every time a new feature is added the toolbar again will update itself, so there is no need to reinstall.

You can download the Gastroschisis Toolbar directly or you can read more about it’s features.